About Us 

The philosophy of The Yellow Brick Road Preschool is Developmental. Quality child care is provided beyond the minimum standards set by licensing requirements. The Yellow Brick Road provides a learning environment that excels in meeting the developmental demands of infants and young children. In addition, our center provides a program that enhances the parent-child interaction, and promotes the peace of mind to working parents that their children are being cared for in a healthy and safe environment.

Growth Through Nurturing


Our general goals are to enhance the five major areas of learning and recognize when further intervention may be necessary. These goals were developed to enhance children’s independence and problem-solving abilities. This is offered through a responsive, nurturing, stimulating environment. These include:
Cognitive Skills – To develop thinking abilities including decision making, judgment, critical thinking, critical thinking, analysis readiness skills and reinforcement of academic skills.

Language Development – To develop and improve expressive and receptive language abilities and the ability to express oneself through written and spoken language.

Physical Development – To develop, enhance and improve the gross and fine motor skills through fun, developmentally appropriate activities.

Aesthetics – Developing appreciation for the beauty of art, music and nature through their environment and experiences at the center.

Recall, Snack Time – Recall is the third element of the “plan-do-review” cycle. Small groups of children meet together with their small group-work time activities. Often this is done in conjunction with snack time.

Outside Times – Children and teachers are involved in vigorous physical activity. As in all activities, teachers are actively involved with the children, continually verbalizing what they are doing. A planned, organized physical, educational curriculum is provided.

Upcoming Events:

We have various monthly and seasonal activities and events, including field trips, scattered throughout the year.